FinEX Asia Inno Talks at AFF focus on how technology transforms asset management

FinEX Asia Inno Talks at AFF officially launch on January 15th and focus on how technology will transform asset management business. The audiences are impressive on FinEX Asia core technology helps clients to manage their investment.

Inno Talks is moderated by Robert Cheung, FinEX Asia COO. Our founder and CEO MaggieNg joins with Grant Suttie, managing director, head of service delivery, alternative investment service, the Bank of New York Mellon; Luc Froehlich, head of investment directing, asian fixed income, Fidelity International; Marie-Anne Kong, Hong Kong asset and wealth management leader, PwC Hong Kong, to the discussions.



Maggie shares FinEx Asia experience on its proprietary AI- powered risk management model performs granular analysis cross a diverse range of original assets to create customized and flexible investment products.Take US consumer credit as an example, with the development of AI, risk assessment can be conducted more thoroughly. This is demonstrated in the fact that AI can be used to dig deep into the hundreds of thousands of data attributes from personal credit bureau and big data to determine credit character of individuals and industries at a reasonable cost, as well as summarizing a number of loan evaluation benchmarks, compared to more than ten commonly used evaluation benchmarks of traditional banks.



Technology can also help blockchain finance to do better. Core companies and capital companies and suppliers at all levels can set up a mutual trust and payables platform through the blockchain, so that accounts payable can be finely split into different levels of suppliers. All participants in the blockchain can simultaneously refer to the details of the flow record, and the transparency is very high.

Marie-Anne Kongalso points out that global asset management is growing rapidly and requires new asset classes, such as real estate and private equity, to cater to new customer needs. At the same time, with the rise of technology, asset management companies must also adjust their tactics to reduce costs and product innovation through technology. Grant believes that investors need more services, making asset management more complex over the past five years, but change is a good thing. Luc said that technology has promoted the transformation of asset management, the insurance industry started earlier, and banks were forced to join under cost pressure, but technology can improve the efficiency of investment processes and help asset managers and investors have the better tools.

The attendance of the audience is very enthusiastic and are full of seats. They ask questions about the differences in consumer credits loan from traditional assets, how AI helped asset management, and blockchain financial practices. The attendance are highly interesting in new assets and fintech trends.