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The 2017 forum took place in July 2017. It was organized by FinEX Asia, co-sponsored by AMTD Group, Dianrong, ICBC International, KPMG, National Chengchi University (NCCU) and United Overseas Bank (UOB). The three days tour covering Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore was well received and attracted more than 1,000 attendees. Leading global fintech CEOs and industry experts from the U.S. discussed the ongoing evolution of fintech in Asia Pacific. Speakers included Soul Htite, Founder and CEO of Dianrong; Renaud Laplanche, Co-founder and CEO of Upgrade; Ron Suber, Former President of Prosper Marketplace; Perry Rahbar, CEO of dv01; and Calvin Choi, Chairman of AMTD Group.

FinEX Asia, FinTech Research Center, Dianrong, Upgrade, AMTD Group and L.R. Capital Group also jointly announced a cooperative plan to cultivate fintech professionals by offering an internship program to meet the growing demand for fintech experts in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Taiwan.
Opening Remarks
Maggie Ng, Founder and CEO, FinEX Asia and Tek Yew Chia, Head, Financial Services Advisory, KPMG delivered the opening remarks as they welcomed guests to an day of discussion, sharing and learning at the last stop of 2017 in Singapore.
FinTech evolution in Asia Pacific – Soul Htite
Asia Pacific is seeing its fintech landscape evolve at a breakneck pace. Soul Htite, Founder and CEO of Dianrong, discusses how increasing amounts of data are transforming the industry. As some organisations struggle to innovate effectively, this offers opportunities for those willing to capitalize on the tsunami of data. He also offers a look at the future of finance and fintech in the context of the supply chain industry and the potential it has.
U.S. Institutional Investors choose FinTech – Ron Suber
U.S. institutional investors have been showing an increased amount of interest in fintech firms over the past few years. As the founder of the first American marketplace lender, Ron Suber is the ideal person to share with us the reasons for this interest, the potential market size, as well as the various ways large institutions are looking to become involved in the marketplace lending arena.
Q&A session on the Promise of FinTech
Marketplace lending is a sector that can at times be difficult to understand. Renaud Laplanche, Co-founder and CEO of Upgrade; Soul Htite, Founder and CEO of Dianrong; and Ron Suber, President of Prosper Marketplace answer audience questions to share their knowledge of the sector with the clarity only experts of their calibre have.
Fintech and Data – Perry Rahbar
Data is one of the driving forces behind fintech, but it can at times be difficult to parse and understand. Perry Rahbar explains how this problem is being tackled in marketplace lending.
Next Generation Marketplace Lending – Renaud Laplanche
Renaud Laplanche, Co-founder and CEO, Upgrade and Co-founder and ex-CEO of Lending Club discusses the future of marketplace lending.

Building on his experiences from Lending Club, Renaud discusses how more sources of data can now be understood and applied to risk management and benefit the industry.

Showing investors the future of marketplace lending he touches on Securitization, Data Integrity through Block Chain as well as better alignment and transparency.
Panel Discussion on Discovering the Data Behind the FinTech Curtain
With a tsunami of data being generated, knowing how to find the correct, relevant data and how to use it is essential for fintech firms. Join experts who represent data consumers, analyzers and aggregators in understanding how this can be achieved, along with the opportunities and pitfalls that exist.
Singapore’s Fintech Future
With one of the most rapidly evolving fintech landscapes, Singapore is often thought to be at the forefront. Our panel of experts, who represent regulators, academia and industry professionals, offer a well-rounded analysis of the current state of affairs and the future.
Panel Discussion on FinTech Investment Strategies
Investing in fintech can be challenging especially with the variety of new options available. Leading investors and professionals discuss and share their insights to help organisations correctly ascertain the best strategies to invest in the fintech space.
Closing Remarks
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