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FinEX Asia Takes Over Incline Fund II from Incline Fund Management
Apr 01, 2018
FinEX Asia Takes Over Incline Fund II from Incline Fund Management

HONG KONG, April 1, 2018 – FinEX Asia Investment Limited (“FinEX Asia”) has taken over management of the Incline Fund II from Incline Fund Management LLC (“Incline”) on April 1st. The fund name has been changed to FinEX Asia Incline Fund Ltd (“FinEX Asia Incline Fund”) with immediate effect.

The FinEX Asia Incline Fund, launched in 2014, is a leveraged fund investing in 36-month and 60-month prime consumer loans originated through the largest and longest-tenured consumer lending platforms, Lending Club and Prosper.

“Adding the Incline fund to our portfolio is a strategic opportunity to grow our assets under management while taking on new investors,” Maggie Ng, CEO and Co-Founder of FinEX Asia said. “We are excited by the historical performance of the fund and we look forward to continuing to provide optimized returns through our best-in-class AI risk management and loan selection tools.”

FinEX Asia launched its first consumer credit fund in 2017, and following positive performance, additional fund vehicles are under development.

“We were delighted to find a trusted partner like FinEX Asia to take over management of the fund. Having carefully reviewed FinEX Asia’s investment and risk management processes, we are confident the investors will continue to find value in the fund,” said Scott Langmack, Managing Partner, Incline Fund Management LLC.


About FinEX Asia
FinEX Asia is the first global FinTech platform connecting professional and institutional Asian investors with high quality, low volatility asset classes, including U.S. consumer loans, an asset class that was traditionally dominated by global institutional investors and banks. The company aims to maximize return for qualified investors through technology, professionalism, expertise and an extensive global network.

Asset management is FinEX Asia’s core business. Combining rich risk management expertise and advanced FinTech technology, FinEX Asia launched Asia’s first financial technology asset management platform. Through this platform, professional and institutional investors can access a series of FinEX Asia funds that are carefully structured through advanced risk modelling capabilities, blockchain data security and real-time performance monitoring. FinEX Asia Investment Limited is an SFC regulated entity.

FinEX Asia is also committed to global investment services through an international network and presence. The team of financial professionals is dedicated to providing the best options for qualified Asian investors interested in gaining easy access to strong, high performing asset classes around the globe.

Based in Hong Kong, FinEX Asia is a strategic technology partner of Dianrong, a leader in online marketplace lending in China.

For more information, please visit


About Incline Fund Management

Incline Fund Management LLC (“Incline”) launched the first fund in the marketplace lending industry in 2010, and is the only fund with recession experience. Langmack was a Lending Club angel investor, advisor and evangelist, and started Incline at the request of Renaud Laplanche as there was no institutional investment in the space at the time. Specializing in recession-resistant strategies, the unleveraged fund now has 75 months of positive returns.

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