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Press Releases
September 25, 2017
FinEX Asia’s Private Equity Fund Manager Announces US$50 Million Investment in Prosper Marketplace

HONG KONG, September 25, 2017 – FinEX Asia is pleased to announce that its private equity fund manager closed an investment of US$50 million in Prosper Marketplace, a U.S. online marketplace lending platform for consumer loans.

“FinEX Asia is excited to complete the Series G financing into Prosper, a leader in marketplace lending in the U.S.,” said Maggie Ng, CEO of FinEX Asia. “Our team’s expertise is in fintech and consumer lending. Our investment strategy starts with the U.S. because of our strong network with online marketplace lenders. In parallel we are considering investment opportunities in other verticals globally.”

Founded earlier this year by Maggie Ng, a former Consumer Lending Head and Chief Risk Officer at Citibank, FinEX Asia aims to help Asian investors look for quality investment opportunities, both in fixed income and equity investments, by using its fintech platform and know-how. The investment made into Prosper is a good illustration of how such opportunities are welcomed by Asian investors and that FinEX Asia’s investment strategies are well recognized by the capital it represents.

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About FinEX Asia:

FinEX Asia is the first global fintech marketplace connecting Asian investors with high-quality, low-volatility asset classes, including U.S. consumer lending, a market that was dominated by institutional investors. FinEX Asia unlocks the potential of these quality asset classes and provides Asian investors with access to a diverse portfolio of verified overseas assets with a streamlined, single-point onboarding and taxation process.

Founded by Maggie Ng, former Head of Unsecured Lending at Citibank N.A., FinEX Asia combines advanced fintech infrastructure with global consumer lending professionals to assist users in leveraging the platform’s advanced risk modeling capabilities, blockchain data security, real-time performance monitoring, and secondary market liquidity to make better investment decisions.

FinEX Asia is based in Hong Kong and is a strategic technology partner of Dianrong, a leader in online marketplace lending in China. For more information, please visit

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